The Final piece.)

In terms of my final piece i was planning to show all of the elements at the critique. That includes: showing and explaining all of the software used in this project, demonstrate the usage of the headset and how i will detect brain activity with it, ask someone to wear EPOC headset and then show the final visualization triggered by that person’s brain readings. My main concern would be some programs crashing at the time of presentation because i have lot of them running at the same time!

In creating visual style i took into consideration the TEST PROGRAMME which i carried out in the previous sessions. It was important to test it with different people in order to understand the extremes of situations and the brain output during those situations. I knew only roughly what sort of responses would be, for example, if person closes eyes or if person is singing. there were particular readings with higher indications in one case and another readings higher or lower in another case. I concluded in order to show this device in action i will need to ask person to do small tasks to make the happening changes in brain visible. but i have to stress this again, the TEST PROGRAMME was solely created for my particular project and it wasn’t made for making any assumption on how people think. People think differently and each person output is totally individual and belonging to that person. There are some patterns emerging which i was hoping to reflect through the live visuals.

After lots of experimentation in style and geometry solutions i managed to find something which appealed to me and i thought that chosen visual style would explain my work the best. I was influenced by one patch which i found inside vvvv program support files and expanded from it. The patch did create a single spiral in 3D space.

I started to work with it and saw a potential of being turned into a more complex in geometry and beautiful in style final piece of work.

These images show the progress made to complete the final style and alterations i have made to the geometry to make it look better:

In the examples above i used a geometry rendered in WireFrame mesh. I decided to change it to Point look because WireFrame looked too rough and uncompleted. It didn’t look as a finished piece and it was too heavy in graphics. I wanted to choose something more airy and intricate so i looked into different options in mesh display:

The Point option was exactly what i was looking for. It changed the whole feel about the piece and I knew instantly that would be my final style. The background also would have to be balck in order to have a high contrast projection image. The next step was working more with the geometry and see how it all comes together when played together with Emotiv EPOC headset. The final test was crucial to ensure everything was working fine. Here are some screenshots displaying the progression of the geometry shape and how i want the final piece to look like:

Here is the video showing and explaining in full detail my whole project:

I think as a project it went very well and i am very satisfied with the final outcome. I would like to present this piece at galleries and shows, maybe even festivals, but i need to refine the presentation method and think of something very interesting projection wise. I will be updating this blog with further movements on this project, starting with our London show in July.


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