Experiments in vvvv

I started off getting familiarized with vvvv first by looking through the tutorials and other peoples work. It seemed to be complex and confusing at start not knowing what each node does, luckily there are explanatory help files available for each small node with accompanying objects which made my workflow more rapid.

After looking through different works and tutorials i decided to start from scratch and create a simple graphic first, and then add more elements to the scene to make it more complex. I started off with cubes.

I managed to create a simple cubes and stack them on top of each other. The most difficult thing i found at start was work with camera. When i added a camera into the scene it did alter the actual image quite lot. I had to read through help files as well as test things through trial and error. I managed to figure it out and in order to maintain the proportions along with camera i used a Aspect Ratio nod. I found it very strange that camera settings make the image to look very strange and by changing just a little bit the FOV settings the perspective seems to be stretched to extremes. Here are some step by step processes i took to create a cube animation in vvvv:

I enjoyed the look of the cubes and the animation i managed to create but what i was looking for would be more like a center piece. I wanted to create something which would hold viewers attention in the middle of the projection and have lot of things happening around the center. The cubes looked nice but they seemed to be too much filling the space. I also thought it might be strange as a brain reading visual due to complex arrangement. I decided to work with spheres.

here are step by step images from arranging spheres and then attaching different attributes to them and animating in the end:

Here is the vvvv patch for creating 5 3-dimensional spheres. That’s how they look rendered:

I wanted to have many different spheres overlaying each their and having different parameters applied to each of them. I started off by creating 5 identical spheres and distribute them side by side on x axis. Then i used a camera to change the angle of view:

This image looks like there is only one sphere, but actually, there are 5 spheres right behind each other. Next step, remaining on this angle of view, i changed the size of each sphere:

Next step was choosing colors and mesh types. here are proceeding results:

I experimented with spheres by altering the number of vertexes. I managed to get different shapes. Here is the final design i was pretty happy with:

Here is a little video showing these sphere animated::


I thought it was cool to create shapes in vvvv but then they didn’t give me as much freedom to change their meshes. I decided to try and create a simple sphere discs in Maya and import it into vvvv and see how i manage with those:

As one can see in this video the perspective is very extreme and when this sphere rotates int gives unnatural feel to it. It is little bit confusing to understand the whole object. Because i wanted to manipulate this sphere’s each segment separately, i had to import each slice individually. I succeeded doing that but, again, it looked very weird. I decided to drop this idea and see if i can create something inside vvvv.


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