Data transferring using OSC

Before i started to play around with different visual styles and geometry in vvvv, i tried to implement an OSC signal receiver inside vvvv. That was very important without which i would not be able to continue. To understand the whole path of data transfer from headset into vvvv i will explain the sequence of applications involved in it.

Firstly i am using a Control Panel software to detect all of the headsets sensors and their statuses. If all of the little circles are green, that means everything is working fine. This software came in bundle with the headset and is a good tool to see the sensor activities. If the communication fails the sensors will go black. Ans as the communications reestablishes, they will go from red to yellow, and eventually green. Sometimes it takes a time to let all of them turn green and one needs to constantly check on each of those by slightly moving to different spot or pressing down.I found this software crucial to proceed to the next steps.

Then i am using a Mind Your OSCs application. I am particularly interested to use these five readings:

The next step is make Max/MSP access them through the port 7400. Here is the Max/MSP patch where the values are being unpacked and then directed further through port 8080:

All of the received values from Mind Your OSCs i will make accessible to vvvv through the port 8080. Here is the updated patch:

Next step, create a new vvvv patch which will listen to port 8080 and pick up values. I will also need to unpack them and make available for further use. I looked into OSC nodes and with help of tutorial files on the website ( i managed to build a patch here:

It managed to listen to port 8080 and receive incoming values. The problem i was facing was that it didn’t unpack successfully the data which only made the numbers come through from the first OSC Decoder node. I am using Max/MSP to parse messages further and it seems to me that vvvv is unable to unpack all of them in one bundle. I had to look for another options and i tried to create for each message a separate port. In total i needed 5 different ports for 5 different message bundles.I had to look into different way to receive OSC messages. I thought that vvvv is very fast. I thought maybe send values from Max/MSP through 5 different ports. I had to change little bit Max/MSP patch and here is the updated version:

Followed by vvvv patch:

It proved to work very well. I was happy i managed to solve this issue without too much of hassle. I was again happy for choosing vvvv because it does work fast and doesn’t use too much of the processing power. I also chose to work with vvvv and not other applications such as Processing or Flash due to different style of workflow. It was familiar to use because it is another object orientated programming software similar to Max/MSP and Pure Data. It has a massive community forum with loads of help and tutorials as well as 3D rendering is made very flawless and easy on processing power.

Here are few examples of what other people have done in vvvv.

Abstract Birds., 2011. Les Objects Impossibles – Objet 2. Available at:  <> [Accessed 10 May 2012].

Timpernagel, J., 2011. Skyence – INSCT. Available at:  <> [Accessed 10 May 2012].

Defetto, 2009. Moiré. Available at:  <> [Accessed 10 May 2012].


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