Recent updates on graph.

The graph structure I created previously needed some perfection. Firstly I wanted to create a rectangular segments underneath individual graphs so that they look confines on their own box as well as will ensure easier analysing knowing the limits of the bars. Also I had to move the names of the readings so that they relate to specific graph box. Here are the steps of the development:

I created a square rectangular underneath the bar. I had to do the major calculations and defining the coordinates of this black box which is a shape being drawn through 4 defined vertexes. This is how it is written in Processing code:

It is important to start drawing a shape and then after specifying vertexes (it can be as many as one pleases) close the shape by typing “endShape(CLOSE). Then it will be filled with colour one has defined before with line “fill”. In the screen capture like this i have used “fill (100, 30)”. That means the fill will be grey (100 is grey considering that 0 is black and 255 is white in RGB values) and second variable defines the transparency/alpha. After adjusting text places and using my new fill colour the final look of the graph is as follows:

How will this work?

I am going to use this graph to record the reaction of subject’s brain 1 min after i have read the question or given a task. The TEST PROGRAMME is my own creation of set of questions to test human brain activity. I have explained and published TEST PROGRAMME in one of the previous posts. If you want to read it now, press here.

I want to record the brain activities in such graphs and then organize them into one big folder which will serve as a main reference to the documentation of TEST PROGRAMME.

I also programmed Processing to save each test frame which i will be able to print out later. All of the files are automatically dumped in my sketch folder after pressing a spacebar button for saving individual frames.

“save” function let’s program to save one frame and add it to the rest of saved ones in the same folder.

Reason why i would like to make series of tests and have a visual display of graphs is that it will help me to understand the usage of the EPOC headset and when i can expect certain responses. My aim is to recognize particular patterns of behaviour and if it is enough to construct visuals from it or i will need to introduce some additional stimuli.


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