Learning Agreement for EMP///

Synopsis of study

For my Extended Major Project I would like to create a Bio-interactive installation art work which explores the activity of the human brain and translates it into abstract visual format defined by my artistic interpretation. I will achieve the transition between thought and visual output by using a specific modern technology which enables access to the electric impulses happening in the brain in process of thinking and encodes these readings in digital values which can be interpreted with the help of other technology softwares. I will be looking into using OSC signal protocol to transit digital values coming out of the brain reading device and feeding them into visual generative software. My main input in this process will be creating visual aesthetics and justifying chosen visual style. Because this sort of project can lead to numerous outcomes and can be interpreted on a wide range of stylistics, I have to identify the personalization of this piece through the implication of subjective matter and experiences. This piece will be representation of how I interpret different feelings in terms of colors and shapes and I will let the user alter the visual scenery based on his/her individual input.

The reason why I have chosen working in such medium is due to the fact that modern technologies tend to infuse contemporary art pieces more and more. This is my attempt to fashion original visual piece using commercially available latest technology in Electroencephalography (EEG). EEG technology records electrical activity of the brain and can be performed by placing a special device on the person’s scalp. With this project I intend to pioneer inventive ways of exploring human brain activity and display this data into visually perceivable product. I also believe that this is a new unexplored realm in visual arts where human body becomes a main contributor. Up till now, apart from computer code generated visuals, human heritage in art has been fused with intention and purpose. With my project I open a new page in the history of creating visual information where creator is a raw, unprocessed by our awareness, data streaming out of our brains. This information will be translated into practiced means of communication, the image.

With this project I will be researching a field of great interest to me and I expect to develop further studies on this subject in my Master’s degree. Being artistic person it will allow me to approach such project from very creative angle and interpret scientific assets from the perspective of the artist. I will be able to draw different patterns of the brain activity and compare them to different users. I will be exploring emotions of people participating in this project and evaluating the feedback happening on the screen. My main interest lies in bridging technology and visual perception and create a new approach in generating imagery with unknown tools.


Here you can download a full version of the Learning Agreement.


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