why not a stage design///

After tutorial with Liam he made me think more deeper about the purpose of my current work. I presented it as a prototype version of a ‘stage design’ whereas it doesn’t even fall into particular category. Few reasons why:

1) My work is inspired and purely based on my personal imagination and interpretation,

2) I doesn’t have a potential client,

3) There are no restrictions to consider which might be occurring if i would be working for the industry.

Therefore i am working purely in artistic practice and creating a work of art which will be presented within stage environment. Reason why i made mistake at the first place by calling it a ‘stage design’ is that i wasn’t really researching at first place what it is to be a stage designer. Even though i visited my friend Kie who is a stage design student and we had long conversations about designing a stage prototype, i have seen her at her workplace and have gained lot of knowledge to help me build the set myself. But in reality i don’t have a purpose to my work apart from my imaginative vision that one day it will be on the stage.

There is nothing wrong with that. What i have to do is specify my work more detailed.

I am working on an experimental stage art. This piece is meant to be presented in collaboration with other musicians or band, or any sound source, to be precise. But it has artistic values of it’s own.

My idea is to create a piece which will help me to communicate across my style and a way of thinking, and creative realisation. I hope that it will help me to find people to collaborate with or at least show my creative skills while approaching the brief.

Theoretically this piece can be presented in various forms. As a stage piece it has a potential to be viewed with a live music band or orchestra, or a live music producer, a dj.

I would like to concentrate on the piece itself, express the meaning behind it and show what it means to me as a creator and what it is what i am trying to say.



Face is a most complex part of a human body. It has ability to communicate messages effectively verbally as well as visually. Face is an identity, something unique which stays with you for a whole life. We tend to remember particular person looking at his/her face. It is a very strong medium, we humans, utilise every single day.
I like drawing faces. Any kids of. Imaginative, anatomically improbable, strange, scary, inhuman. But using humanistic features such as eyes and mouth. It gives the face credibility that from whatever corner of the universe this face might come it has the main tools of communications such as eyes and mouth. It feels familiar even though looking very unfamiliar.
I am interested in live visual projections. In traditional manner those visuals are projected on solid surface either flat or curved or 3-Dimensional (3D mapping). My aim is to brake the screen into pieces, reshape them and give another meaning. Projection area by itself already forms a message ‘a face’. Then by projecting on it i can give it some additional live features.
My main challenge it to make people stop and look at it, identify with the face and realise how different it is. My interest lies in this moment of realisation, which leads to self-realisation, investigating different faculties and learning about personal ones. It is like tackling consciousness in different level. The brain will depict some faculties and define the object as a face. Live visuals on top of it will be constantly changing this perception into another one, into something new.

I want to create a new thread, new stimuli, which will broaden the ability to encounter something new and encourage person to trip their heads out.



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