Mapping software

I started to look into 3d video mapping software and which one i will use for my Specialist project. I came upon many programs and solutions for my task, some for free and some not. The main criteria is that this program has to be an open platform based with functionality to cross communicate with other softwares. I found this very useful tool called Syphon. It is an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share frames – full frame rate video or stills – with one another in realtime. It can be viewed and downloaded here. This is an ideal tool to merge different softwares and it has been built mainly around VJing software and has plug ins for such applications as Max/MSP, Quartz Composer and even Processing.

In my project i wanted to keep away from custom/industry standard 3d video mapping software because in such programs mapping comes as a built in function and are not very flexible by means of communicating with different input media apart from using pre-rendered imported videos or live feed via web-camera/or camera attached through fire-ware. It has limited possibilities and it is likely to be just as an extra feature not fully developed or accessible for further development. Modul8 seems to be one of the most satisfying tools for relatively easy hands on mapping solution and i can use a Syphon plug-in to communicate live video feed into modul8, the only issue is that this software is pricey and I don’t see point investing unless commencing myself to full time commercial VJ job. It is very unlikely to happen here, in Bournemouth.( I am trying to find more experimental tools and built as an open source with abilities to be adjusted to individual needs and which can be used in more challenging environments.

While researching 3d video mapping i came upon this image and soon enough i found a software i was looking for. This is work by norwegian artist HC Gilje:

Fuglane 2010

Gilje, HC., 2010. Fuglane. [image online] Available at: <; [Accessed 17 October 2011].

I found his work very fascinating and luckily he turns out to be a person who has created a 3d video mapping software which is an open source and is built using Max/MSP. I was absolutely thrilled because this software was obtainable completely for free and also with source code in case I have to go into it and change its skeleton a bit.P

He has developed a software called VPT, VideoProjectionTools which he widely uses for his own installations, sometimes specially modifying it for particular piece. I think his style is very close to what i am trying to achieve, it is very minimal and ascetic in visual aspect and yet very intricate and with attention to detail and bringing out the architecture of the piece. It seems that spectator is not looking for different mediums, Gilje skilfully blends digital scapes into physical environment that it becomes a strange reality for people to explore. Here is one of this latest pieces in progress:

Gilje, HC., 2011. Almost Cinema 2011 installation (rough documentation). Available at: <; [Accessed 17 October 2011].


Video Projection Tools can be viewed and downloaded here.


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