Why face?

I have chosen to create a stage set design which will be formed as a face. Not a particular face belonging to a person or certain gender or race, it will be more like a symbolic recall in ones mind, a childhood memory or a new experience which will transcend through the form and light.

As far as i remember myself getting familiar with pen and paper i always had a tendency to draw faces. They could have been of someone in my family, friends but most of the time imaginative, unreal and outlandish beings purely born out of the matter of my imagination. I was amused by coincidence of drawing lines and forming some sort of feature which grabbed immediate attention. Nevertheless on the paper, face is always a call for emotional response, means of human communication and source for inspiration and self-observation. It is almost like looking in the mirror and seeing augmented “self-reflection”, sometimes pretty and sometimes ugly. A face is like a passport, it tells everything about you in a mere glimpse of second, but it is a mysterious way how this information is dealt with in someone’s head.

The reason why i chose to work on face again is to finally lure out my inner creator of these phantasy shaped beings and give it a voice. By building it as a projection sculpture i will have a wonderful chance to add some life to it. It wont talk but it will listen. And it will communicate through the visual appearance. The face will be an immediate response to the environment and surroundings will be in charge to create and alter the aesthetics of this formation.

Everyone is born with a face. It lets us be identified as individuals and unchanging surface of ones face allows someone to remember that particular person if encountered again. I intend to create a face which keeps changing every second and there is no such possibility to recall it in a traditional cognitive manner nor get used to it and form a subjective interpretation about it. I want to explore and broaden people ability to interact with facial feature in unusual setting and challenge their psychological impulses. I think it might be quite disturbing at some point but i am happy to give it a run.

I found this beautiful video in which media artist Zach Lieberman with other colleagues created a face mapping piece by hacking Kinect software. For full article please click here.

Lieberman, Z., 2011. Chase no face/ Bell. Available at: <http://vimeo.com/26649425&gt; [Accessed 15 October 2011]. 


One thought on “Why face?

  1. Ilze, sveika, man prieks, ka esi izvēlējusies šo stilu. Zini, es dzirdēju TV ka pasaaulē grib veidot seno mākslas darbu , īpaši statuju 3d formātu, lai cilvēki varētu redzēt 3 dimensijās visu mākslas darbu datorā. Jo šodien tās var appskatīt plakaniski. šo projektu rīko jaunieši, bet kurā valstī, neatceros. Te varŗtu būt ieinteresēti lielie muzeji. Varbūt tā ir tava nākotne? Iedomājies vissenākie mākslas darbi 3 dimensiās!! Sākumā tos skenē, tad veido! Kā tu domā?

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